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Picture shows logistics and large containers

Produce Large Plastic Containers and Logistics Products

Machines and Technologies for High Shot Weights and Recyclate Processing

In logistics, recyclates are often manufactured to large plastic storage containers, pallets or similar products. We offer solutions for the increased use of post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The safe and efficient processing of recycled plastics reduces your costs for material purchases, increases your margins, and protects the environment.

Your Advantages with ENGEL as Partner
Up to 30% shorter cycle times with large ENGEL machines
Picture shows production with ENGEL injection molding machines

Many logistics containers are standardized in terms of dimensions, material, and weight. A higher margin can only be achieved by increasing output. Our large duo and duo speed machines are designed for short dry cycle times. This allows you to win critical seconds of cycle time. With our duo speed, for example, you can achieve up to 30% shorter cycle times compared to a conventional dual-platen machine. Without changes to the mold and part.

Small footprint optimizes production floor
Image shows turnkey solution by ENGEL

With our duo and duo speed dual-platen injection molding machines, you can produce large plastic containers without needing much space. The compact design of the production cell, combined with integrated automation solutions, guarantee a small footprint. You increase productivity per square foot and benefit from a turnkey solution from a single source with CE certification.

High material flow rate and low power consumption
Picture shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Our duo and duo speed large machines are designed for maximum flow rate with low energy consumption. Servo-hydraulic drives with less oil are standard. We also offer a wide range of electric injection units for the duo series. The dynamic injection unit of our duo speed with hydraulic accumulators works economically thanks to intelligent pump control. Despite being designed to produce thin-walled, large plastic containers.

Reduce your material costs by using recyclates
Image shows injection molding machine for recyclate processing

ENGEL’s portfolio includes different injection molding technologies for processing recyclates. With the skinmelt and co-injection processes, you can produce large plastic storage containers with a recyclate core and a skin made of virgin material. The recycled content is very high. For injection-molded parts with 100% recyclate, we have developed our two-stage process. Thanks to pre-plasticizing and melt filters, you can process flakes directly after grinding.

Fast support thanks to worldwide service network
Picture shows service technician in front of an ENGEL injection molding machine

You produce close to your customers to keep transportation to a minimum. We are close to you as well, to support you as quickly as possible when needed. Our global service network with over 720 service technicians and more than 90 hotline employees at more than 80 locations guarantees fast and uncomplicated troubleshooting. Worldwide, 24/7, online and at your site.

Solutions for Logistics Products and Large Plastic Containers

Picture shows large machine by ENGEL

Fast and Large Machine

duo speed

The duo speed is ENGEL's fastest dual-platen injection molding machine. It achieves dry cycle times of less than two seconds and injection speeds of up to 1,400 mm/s.

Picture shows cross-section of a plastic part with recycled content

Injection Molding Processes


With the skinmelt process, you can produce large plastic containers and injection molded parts for logistics with a core made of recycled material which is completely enclosed by a skin made of virgin material.

Picture shows articulated robot by ENGEL

Articulated Robot


Large injection-molded parts with high weights require precise handling during demolding, moving, and placement.

Picture shows Business Development Manager Technical Molding at ENGEL Austria
Are you looking for solutions for producing logistics products and large plastic containers?

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Best Practice of Producing Large Plastic Containers
  • Transport boxes with core made of recycled material

    Thanks to the skinmelt process, you can produce large plastic containers with maximum recycled content in the core, which is completely enclosed by virgin material.

  • Production of extra-large containers with large duo machine

    Our duo series is particularly suitable for producing large plastic containers. More than 55,000 kN clamping force is possible.

Examples of Logistics Applications

From large plastic containers to crates and pallets

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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