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Image shows optical plastic parts for the automotive industry

Injection Molding Optical Parts for the Plastics Automotive Industry

ENGEL Expertise and Solutions for Lighting, Light Guides, Lenses, and more

Processing PMMA, PC, and silicones for optical plastic applications in the automotive industry is challenging. The smallest defects and impurities reduce product quality. Master difficult projects with ENGEL injection molding machines: gentle plasticizing of pure resins on precise machines designed for clean production.

Advantages of Producing Optical Parts with ENGEL Machines
Gentle plasticizing for crystal-clear results
Picture shows plastic light guide

Melting the material as gently as possible is essential when producing optical parts for the plastics automotive industry. Even slight overheating causes yellowing, which affects the optical performance of the part. We design and manufacture our plasticizing components in-house. ENGEL provides customized screws for the best possible melt quality – especially developed for optical materials.

Precise injection molding machines for best dimensional accuracy
Picture shows production of a component made of plastic for the automotive industry

Optical components such as lenses must conform to a precisely calculated geometry. The precise movements of our electric injection molding machines provide the necessary reproducibility. Our digital assistance systems, combined with special molding processes, ensure the greatest possible accuracy for every shot. For multi-cavity molds, we have developed a tie-bar-less clamping unit with even clamping force distribution and the best possible platen parallelism.

The right injection molding machine for every application
Image shows injection molding machines by ENGEL

Thick-walled lenses, silicone optics, light guides and 2K reflector housings are examples of components made for plastics automotive industry. They come in countless sizes and shapes. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of injection molding machines and automation, you get the right ENGEL solution for every product. You invest in exactly the equipment you need and avoid unnecessary expenses and compromises.

Best product quality with ENGEL expertise
Picture shows application engineer with ENGEL customer

Benefit from the extensive expertise of our application engineers, especially when running challenging optical applications for the plastics automotive industry. We have developed injection molding process technologies such as ENGEL optimelt to achieve the best quality and productivity. Produce multilayer lenses without a boundary layer in just a single cycle.

Solutions for Optical Plastic Components in the Plastics Automotive Industry
Image shows all-electric injection molding machine by ENGEL

All-electric Injection Molding Machine


With the e-motion injection molding machine, you can produce challenging parts such as multilayer lenses

  • High precision

  • High dynamics

  • Also available with tie-bar-less clamping unit

Picture shows linear robot from ENGEL

Linear Robot


Efficient handling of parts in all sizes

  • Loads from 6-120 kN

  • High dynamics thanks to low weight

  • Control via CC300 operating unit on the injection molding machine

Image shows plastic lens

Injection Molding Processes

Economical production of optical and transparent plastic components

  • High contour accuracy

  • Low residual stress

  • Optical components made of LSR

Picture shows Sales Manager Automotive at ENGEL Austria
Are you looking for solutions for high-quality optical components?

Our specialists will be happy to share their expertise in the production of optical plastic parts for the automotive industry. Together we will find the best solution for your production.

Production of optical plastic parts for the automotive industry
  • Light guide with high luminescence

    The plasticizing process, specially developed for PMMA processing, allows you to reduce the thermal stress and improve the melt quality.

  • SmartFace using combimelt process

    Plastic Omnium shows how large-scale, optical plastic parts can be realized on an ENGEL duo combi M.

The Variety of Optical Plastic Parts in the Automotive Industry

Application examples such as lenses, primary optics, light guides, and more.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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