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Image shows lightweight plastic component

Producing Lightweight Components for Mobility Applications

Shaping and Functionalizing Composites with Injection Molding Systems

Structural components made of composite materials are already being used in various models. The market is growing steadily. At ENGEL you will find solutions for industrial-scale production of lightweight plastic components made of composites. We provide state-of-the-art production equipment to run efficient and well-integrated processes. Benefit from economical production in large quantities.

Advantages of Producing Lightweight Plastic Components on ENGEL Machines
Lightweight composite parts instead of heavy metal structures
Image shows lightweight plastic component

The shift to electric cars is steadily increasing the average weight of a vehicle. The main reason for this is that larger batteries are required for achieving greater range. This additional weight has to be compensated for in other parts of the vehicle. Lightweight components made of plastic and composites can replace heavy metal structures. This achieves the balancing act between low weight and good structural stability. With ENGEL solutions for lightweight composites, you can produce high part volumes with the greatest cost-effectiveness.

Complete solutions from a single source – choose from an extensive portfolio
Picture shows complete system from ENGEL

Our comprehensive machine portfolio includes a wide range of automation. We offer a complete solution for the production of lightweight components from a single source. From tape laying cells to complex production lines for large structural lightweight body elements: We will find the best combination of machine, automation, peripheral equipment, and process control for you. You get a production cell that exactly meets your requirements and can avoid unnecessarily high investments.

Lightweight composite technologies for a wide range of applications
Picture shows manufacturing cell with robot

The possible applications of composite parts are as varied as their characteristics. We provide you with comprehensive process engineering expertise for stacking, injection molding, and functionalizing fiber materials. The ENGEL experts are looking forward to advising you on the production of lightweight plastic parts.

Lightweight construction technical center for demonstrations and tests
Image shows ENGEL's lightweight construction technical center

In our technical center at the St. Valentin site (Austria), several lightweight construction cells are available for machine demonstrations, technology demonstrations, or material and tool tests. Meet our experts and have them set up an individual program so you gain valuable insights and experience ENGEL technology live on site.

Solutions for Lightweight Components Made of Plastics and Fiber Materials
Picture shows ENGEL large-scale machine for composite parts

Large Machine for Composite Parts


Our duo series is the right machine for processing fiber materials

  • Precise clamping unit

  • Large mold area

  • Also available in a vertical version

Picture shows articulated robot from ENGEL

Articulated Robot


Our articulated robot easix is particularly suitable for tape stacking

  • High positioning accuracy

  • Dynamic movements thanks to low weight

  • Control via CC300 operating unit on the injection molding machine

Picture shows tape laying cell from ENGEL

Injection Molding Processes

Lightweight Construction

Tried and tested equipment and processes from ENGEL for your composites and lightweight components

  • Proven technologies

  • Economic processes

  • Extensive ENGEL expertise

Picture shows Head of Sales Lightweight Construction
Are you looking for economical solutions for lightweight composites?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities for producing lightweight plastic components.

Sheet Molding Compound

Production solution for lightweight yet heavy-duty 2D and 3D structures made of fiber mats by ENGEL vertical machines.

Video shows processing using sheet molding compound >

Lightweight Plastic Components and Production Equipment at a Glance

Door modules, pedals, structural components such as beams, and much more made of fiber materials

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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