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Picture shows plastic pipe fitting

Solutions for Plastic Fittings & Water Technology

Process Demanding Materials with Reproducible Consistency

The challenges in the production of plastic fittings and pipe systems are many and varied. Bulky moulds and frequent mould changes make smooth manufacturing difficult. Processing high-performance thermoplastics such as PSU and PPSU places high demands on the plasticising unit and process control.

At ENGEL you will find the right injection moulding machines and the expertise you need for your products.

Your Advantages with ENGEL Injection Moulding Machines
Compact, tie-barless injection moulding machines with large mould space
Picture shows mould installation space of an injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Moulds for plastic fittings are often very large but require low clamping force. Our tie-barless victory series and the compact duo two-platen machine have a large and easily accessible mould space. You only invest in the clamping force that the mould actually requires. For bulky injection moulds, we also offer wide-platen versions for the duo with platens that are approximately 20% larger but have the same footprint.

Up to 90% utilisation time thanks to fast tool changes
Picture shows mould change on a tie-barless injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Frequent mould changes can reduce the productivity of your injection moulding machines. Thanks to the large and easily accessible mould space of our victory and duo series, moulds can be changed quickly. In addition, the "guided mould change" function of our CC300 control unit makes the change process easier for your personnel with step-by-step instructions and semi-automated processes. You reduce your downtimes and increase your productivity.

Processing demanding materials and recyclates
Picture shows plastic material

Plastic pipe fittings and water technology components are often made of special materials such as PSU, PPSU or PVC. These plastics are difficult to process. They place high demands on both machine and operator. We develop plasticising systems in-house. This enables us to provide the right components for every material. You also benefit from our expertise in the processing of high-performance thermoplastics and recycled materials.

Effortlessly mastering high shot weights with large machines
Picture shows large injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Customers who need large injection moulding machines rely on ENGEL. We develop and build numerous injection moulding machines with clamping forces of over 50,000 kN. ENGEL is your partner for extra-large injection-moulded parts. With our large-scale machines, you can effortlessly process shot weights of over 150 kg into retention tanks or plastic fittings for duct systems. From us, you get a solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Products and Services for the Production of Plastic Fittings and Water Technology
Picture shows tie-barless injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Tie-barless Injection Moulding Machine


The patented tie-barless injection moulding machine offers maximum space in the mould area

  • For large tools

  • Quick tool change

  • Simple integration of automation

Picture shows compact cell from ENGEL

Extended Safety Gate and Compact Cell

More space for your tools on a compact footprint including safety technology systems

  • For large tools

  • Simple integration of automation

  • CE-certified ex works

Picture shows user of an ENGEL injection moulding machine

Plasticising Assistant

iQ melt control

With the digital plasticising assistant you can process special materials effortlessly

  • Fully automatic adjustment to the screw speed

  • Gentle plasticising

  • Optimum melt quality

Picture shows Head of Strategic Development at Peštan d.o.o., Serbia

The ENGEL victory significantly reduced our set-up times. With the ENGEL machines, we achieve utilisation times of over 90%.

Milan Nikolić, Head of Strategic Development at Peštan d.o.o., Serbia
Picture shows Key Account Manager Technical Moulding at ENGEL Austria
Are you looking for innovative solutions for the production of plastic fittings and water technology components?

I will be happy to advise you on your options and benefits with ENGEL as your partner.

Picture shows employees of Peštan and ENGEL
Reduced Unit Costs and Increased Precision

Peštan in Serbia produces plastic fittings with tie-barless victory injection moulding machines. Read here how ENGEL contributed to higher efficiency, precision and flexibility for the customer.

  • Two-cavity Mould on Compact Injection Moulding Machine

    The tie-barless victory 80 machine and the extended safety gate allow the fitting mould to be installed in a small injection moulding machine (800 kN clamping force).

  • Tool Change in Under 10 Minutes

    What do you need for this? An injection moulding machine without tie-bars, a Stäubli changing system and the automatic transmission of mould data to the machine.

Examples of Plastic Fittings and Water Technology Components



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