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The Hybrid Powerhouse for Large Precision Parts e-duo Injection Molding Machine

Image shows hybrid large injection molding machine from ENGEL

The e-duo combines the performance and flexible layout of our large dual-platen machines with the precision and energy efficiency of electric drive technology. This enables production of parts with long flow paths in particular. The e-duo is characterized by economical production with high component quality.




Drive Type

< 11,500 kN

Clamping Force

The Large e-duo Injection Molding Machine in Use

Production of large-volume decorated packaging parts. The e-duo shows how the injection molding processes gasmelt and in-mold labeling (IML) can be used to produce decorated, large packaging parts in a resource-saving manner.

Video shows production of large-volume packaging parts >
Picture shows Head of Product Management Large Machines at ENGEL Austria

The e-duo stands for maximum economy. Its small size saves space. The intelligent drive concept saves energy. The servo-electric drives on the injection unit ensure high precision and part quality.

Bernhard Lettner, Head of Product Management Large Machines at ENGEL Austria
The Advantages of the e-duo Large Machine
Injection speed of up to 450 mm/s
Picture shows injection unit of the large-scale ENGEL machine

The e-duo is an extremely fast injection molding machine. With an injection speed of up to 450 mm/s, large parts can be produced quickly and precisely. High speeds in the movement process of the clamping unit and integrated servo hydraulics for parallel operation of the core pulls characterize the large-scale e-duo machine.

Space-saving and compact machine layout
Image shows injection molding production cell from ENGEL

The flexibility for large mold height area and long opening stroke has been taken over from the proven duo series. The e-duo offers a compact design with a short footprint for your production. Peripheral equipment and robots can be easily integrated to save space.

Energy-efficient drive concept
Image shows energy-efficient drive from ENGEL

The hybrid drive concept of the e-duo combines the advantages of two worlds: Precise and efficient electric injection units and a servo-hydraulic clamping unit with low energy requirements thanks to ecodrive. You produce demanding injection molded parts with high efficiency and keep your energy costs low.

More transparency and efficiency in production
Image shows digital solution from ENGEL

The digital solutions in the ENGEL inject 4.0 program ensure greater transparency and efficiency in production. From the injection molding machine to integrated robots and peripherals, to all of your machines. They monitor all parameters and react before rejects occur.

Available machine sizes of the e-duo series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
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Complementary Products and Services for our Hybrid Injection Molding Machine
Picture shows injection moulding temperature control by ENGEL

Reduce Energy Costs with Intelligent Temperature Control

You save up to 85% of your energy costs thanks to intelligent temperature difference control instead of rigid flow.

Image shows networked injection molding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

Our digital products and service solutions support you along the entire product life cycle. From component design, through sampling and production, to maintenance and service.

Picture shows service technician from ENGEL


ENGEL offers you service and spare parts management throughout the life of your machine. We accompany you from the installation of your machine and automation solution to the end of its service life.

Image shows injection molding automation solution from ENGEL


Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels. From the injection molding machine to the robot and conveyor belt systems, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

Additional Injection Molding Machines for Energy-efficient Production

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Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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