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Picture shows plastic connectors

Produce Plastic Connectors

Precise Processing of Challenging Materials

The variety of plastic connectors is huge. From micro-connectors for IT applications to large connectors for electric systems. For an injection molding manufacturer, high precision and safe processing of special materials are particularly important. With ENGEL, you can process materials problem-free - from simple PP to glass-fiber reinforced, high-temperature resistant materials.

Advantages of Producing Plastic Connectors with ENGEL
Electric injection molding machines for high reproducibility
Picture shows electric injection molding machine to produce plastic connectors

Keep your quality consistently high with our electric injection molding machines. You benefit from precise machine movements. Especially when producing thin-walled parts and parts with variable geometries, such as plastic connectors. This enables the production of small injection-molded parts with low tolerances. You avoid rejects and need less time for quality control.

Easy processing of demanding special materials
Picture shows plasticizing unit by ENGEL

Special materials such as LCP, COC or COP have suitable properties for plastic connectors. However, processing is challenging, which can lead to increased scrap. Thanks to our in-house development and production of plasticizing components, we can also offer the right screws and non-return valves for special materials. With ENGEL, you can process these materials without any problems.

Overmolding inserts ergonomically and economically
Picture shows vertical injection molding machine by ENGEL

Our flexible insert machine series offers a wide range of options. Horizontal or vertical injection unit, with two-station shuttle table, rotary table or as single station with fixed insert plate. All kinds of automation can be added. Whether for manual, semi-automated or fully automated parts handling. You receive a production system customized to your requirements without compromises. The ergonomic operating height does not require a platform.

Fast support from service locations near you
Picture shows service technician in front of an injection molding machine

Unplanned machine downtime causes unexpected costs. Immediate troubleshooting is therefore essential. We guarantee you fast help at your site with our more than 80 locations, over 90 hotline employees and over 720 service technicians. Worldwide and 24/7. Our 70 spare parts logistics centers ensure high availability of the parts you need.

Products and Services for Producing Plastic Connectors

Picture shows vertical injection molding machine by ENGEL

Vertical Machine for Inserts


Producing hybrid injection-molded parts efficiently and ergonomically

  • Space-saving due to low footprint

  • Ergonomic operating height

  • Adaptable to individual requirements thanks to many options

Picture shows plastic component

Injection Molding for Special Materials

Economical processing of demanding plastics with ENGEL expertise

  • Knowledge of production with special thermoplastics

  • Processes and products for high-temperature plastics

  • High-performance plasticizing components for glass fiber reinforced materials >30%

Picture shows service technician at an injection molding machine control unit by ENGEL

Plasticizing Assistant

iQ melt control

Process your special materials trouble-free with the digital plasticizing assistant

  • Fully automatic screw speed adjustment

  • Gentle plasticizing

  • Optimum melt quality

Picture shows Global Key Account Manager Teletronics at ENGEL Austria
Are you looking for solutions for producing plastic connectors?

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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