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Picture shows employee at ENGEL's operation qualification process

Machine Operation Qualification

Calibrate Your Machines with everQ

In many industries, specific guidelines are in place about how precisely the operating point of your production equipment must be maintained. An important prerequisite for verified compliance to standards is regular calibration of the machine. By receiving a certificate, we verify the accuracy of your production parameters and also your production records.

Verified Sensor Accuracy

Controlled Machine Capability

How ENGEL's Operation Qualification Works

We verify relevant movements, temperature and pressure, taking defined tolerances into account. With a calibrated machine, you ensure a high quality standard. This is achieved by exact compliance to the production parameters - within the tolerances - for all your produced parts.

Your Advantages with everQ Machine Operation Qualification
Supports standard compliance to IATF & ISO regulation
Picture shows operation qualification in ENGEL's cleanroom

With the everQ machine operation qualification, we verify the accuracy of your production parameters. This supports the required compliance with quality standards such as ISO 13485, VDA 6.1-13.3, or IATF 16949. In addition, the documentation meets with FDA/GMP standards. Qualification can be either carried out before delivery of your injection molding machine or regularly at your facility.

Certificate of accuracy of production records
Picture shows handover of test certificate by ENGEL

We measure relevant production variables with calibrated reference equipment. Collected data is evaluated directly in the software. As a result, we will send you a test certificate of the status of the machine calibration. In this way, you can prove to your customers the accuracy of the recorded production data as well as the safety and stability of the production processes.

Lower costs for rejects due to higher process reliability
Image shows calibration of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Deviating sensor signals or unsuitable plasticizing components lead to process fluctuations. You can detect these issues quickly and effectively with regular calibration of your injection molding machine and hence initiate appropriate corrective measures. It is possible to stabilize the process, only if you notice deviations in a timely manner. With repeatable production processes, you also benefit from a lower number of rejects.

Detect indicators for maintenance at an early stage
Picture shows cleanroom in compliance with ENGEL standard

Thanks to a thorough inspection as part of the machine operation qualification process, our experts detect machine issues and increasing signs of wear at an early stage. This allows you to schedule maintenance or a necessary shutdown to get the machine up and running again without unexpected downtime.

Are You Interested in our Operation Qualification?

We will be happy to advise you on calibrating your machines with everQ - for more safety and better performance.

Picture shows Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria

Machine calibration involves setting and adjusting the basic parameters for distance, speed, pressure and temperature. It allows you to maintain the performance of your machine and ensure repeatability. Time, energy and material savings are the outcome, while maintaining the same quality standards in your production.

Sebastian Payrleitner, Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria
Parts of the machine operation qualification

Machine calibration with everQ contains three coordinated parts.

ENGEL Service Technician

Qualified ENGEL technicians measure all relevant sensor parameters, log results, and advise you on the necessary adjustments.

Measuring Devices

External measuring devices are calibrated and certified according to standards. They ensure the required validity and accuracy of the measurements.

CAT Software

The software performs measurements between machine and devices to minimize the risk of error. It provides you with a fast and efficient machine calibration.

The Path to Successful Operation Qualification

Before calibrating your machine with everQ, we recommend to check the machine for possible issues and signs of wear. With the maintenance package, ENGEL care, our experts perform preventive maintenance customized to your individual needs.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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