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Setting new benchmarks for the future of mobility


St. Valentin (Austria), Uzwil (Switzerland), June 13th, 2023 - As technology leaders in the fields of die-casting solutions and plastics machinery manufacturing, Bühler and ENGEL are setting benchmarks for trends in the automotive world. Increasing demand from the automotive industry for larger and more complex parts requires new production processes and presents challenges for the customers of both companies. Bühler and ENGEL create synergies together which lead to innovations - such as the megacasting solution from Bühler, Carat 840, which is being presented at the Bühler Open House event at ENGEL.

The global automotive industry is undergoing profound transformation, driven by the need for more sustainable mobility. It is essential to find the right answers to the challenges this poses.

Bühler and ENGEL play a key role in shaping this transformation. The fundamental pillars are energy efficiency in production, new drive concepts, flexibility in design and production, and above all significant weight reduction. Lightweight materials such as plastics and aluminum will continue to gain importance in the development of new solutions. To achieve these goals requires new technologies, new processes, and successful cooperations.

30-year partnership ENGEL / Bühler

The Austrian machine builder ENGEL is one of the world's largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines, while the Swiss technology group Bühler is one of the world's leading suppliers of die-casting solutions. With over 90 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for aluminum and magnesium die casting, Bühler is deeply rooted in the industry and combines a spirit of innovation with the experience gained from thousands of applications.

Constructing large-scale injection moulding machines with clamping forces of 5,000 tons and above is one of ENGEL’s core competencies. As an innovation leader in injection moulding processes, the company is driving advances in this field.

Together, the two companies create solutions with added value that enable customers in the automotive industry and beyond to keep pace with the latest developments.

"We are very proud of the successful and cooperative partnership we have enjoyed with Bühler for 30 years now. As globally operating family-owned companies, we are united by the same values and goals. By building on this, we are able to leverage synergies and drive innovation faster. The Bühler Open House event at the ENGEL plant in St. Valentin, including the presentation of the Carat 840, clearly demonstrates this," says Stefan Engleder, CEO of the Engel Group.

For Stefan Scheiber, CEO of the Bühler Group, the joint event is also an important signal. "We are honored to be ENGEL's guests. And we are very proud of the good partnership between us over the last three decades, from which we have mutually benefitted and together achieved success. We are also very pleased that we will be able to present our Carat 840 as well as the associated future-oriented direction for many areas of the automotive industry."

Bühler megacasting solutions with closing units built at ENGEL

Bühler and ENGEL have been working together in the field of die casting for decades. ENGEL builds the closing units for the megacasting systems developed by Bühler. ENGEL's vast know-how in the construction of large-scale machines complements the innovative solutions offered by Bühler.

By exploiting the synergies in the different core competencies of the two companies, new solutions in die casting are made possible. "The implementation of the closing units for the largest machines in Bühler's portfolio at present − the Bühler Carat 920, which was built in our ENGEL plant in Asia, and the Bühler Carat 840 in St. Valentin − are milestones which we are very proud of," say Stefan Engleder and Franz Füreder, Vice President Automotive & Mobility at ENGEL, underlining the importance of the cooperation with Bühler.

Cornel Mendler, Managing Director Die Casting at Bühler, agrees. For him, the presentation of the two companies together sends a strong signal. "By cooperating with ENGEL and jointly pursuing innovative solutions for the future together we can create great and very powerful solutions − the Carat 840 is a symbol of this."

The fact that these two major players present themselves together on the market is a clear positioning and highlights the excellent and long-standing partnership.

Customers of both companies will be able to see the success of the partnership for themselves at the Bühler “Megacasting unveiled” Open House and the ENGEL Mobility Days. They can also experience the Carat 840 up close and learn more about Bühler and ENGEL’s core competencies at various presentations.

ENGEL plant for large tonnage machines in St. Valentin, Austria (Picutre: ENGEL)

New mobility applications sometimes require particularly large injection moulding machines. ENGEL builds mega machines with clamping forces of more than 10,000 tonnes. The picture shows an injection moulding machine with clamping forces of 8,200 tonnes. (Picture: ENGEL)

The Carat 840, which is showcased at the Bühler Megacasting unveiled event at ENGEL, is 7.6 meters high and covers a floor area of around 160 square meters. It can inject over 200 kilograms of liquid aluminum into a die within milliseconds. Typically, large body-in-white parts are produced on the megacasting solutions with locking forces of up to 92,000 kN. (Picture: Bühler)

Bühler supplies the entire die-casting cell including peripheral devices. Together with partners, Bühler can cover the entire value chain from ingot to body shop. (Picture: Bühler)

Katharina Wuschko

Head of Group Communications

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