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Image shows car interior design made of plastic

Design Injection-molded Interior Design Parts for Cars

Producing High-quality Products with ENGEL Technologies

When it comes to interior design in cars in the automotive industry, high-quality aesthetics and haptics are basic requirements. With ENGEL injection molding process technologies, you can economically produce plastic parts that meet these requirements. Reduce production costs by using recyclate in the part core which is then covered by a design surface and therefore invisible to the end user.

Advantages of ENGEL Solutions for Producing Parts for Interior Design in Cars
High-quality surfaces with ENGEL technologies
Image shows interior design in a car

ENGEL offers you a wide range of injection molding processes to enhance the quality of your automotive interior components design or integrate functionality: fabric and film back molding, in-mold decoration (IMD), PUR flooding, and foam injection molding. Or you can use fiber composite materials to produce lightweight components. Intelligent surfaces, such as smart panels, can also be created using a combination of these injection molding processes. Our experts will support you from selecting the best process for molding your parts to the start of series production.

Efficient production of large parts with duo machines
Picture shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Our duo two-platen machine offers plenty of space for large molds with a small footprint. Efficient servo-hydraulic drives ensure reduced energy consumption thanks to their low power loss. For particularly high efficiency and precision, we offer electric injection units for our duo large machine series.

Save costs by processing recycled material
Picture shows plastic recyclate

Save material costs and protect the environment by processing recyclates. At ENGEL you will find the right injection molding systems to produce your design parts for the car interior with recycled plastic. You benefit from low material costs and reduce the CO2 footprint.

Maximize the availability of your production plant
Picture shows service technician in front of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Many components for the automotive industry have to be produced just-in-time. Unscheduled machine downtime often means delivery failure. This can lead to high costs and penalties. At ENGEL you will find a comprehensive service portfolio: Predictive maintenance, 24/7 support from over 720 service team members worldwide, and much more. We keep spare parts in stock at more than 70 logistics centers around the globe for fast delivery.

Solutions for Automotive Interior Applications
Picture shows compact large machine from ENGEL

Compact Large Machine


Our duo is a two-platen machine with a small footprint, large mold area and high clamping force range

  • Efficient servo-hydraulic drives

  • Wide range of injection units

  • Easy integration of automation

Picture shows automotive plastic part

Injection Molding Processes


With plastic foams, you produce resilient components with reduced weight. You save material and avoid warpage and sink marks.

  • Less material consumption

  • Lightweight yet sturdy parts

  • High-gloss surfaces with variotherm mold temperature control

Image shows iQ process observer digital solution in use

All Production Data Monitored and Documented

iQ process observer

All parameters of the injection molding system at a glance, including automatic documentation. Particularly important for safety-relevant components such as airbag parts.

  • Recognize process changes in time

  • Simple data analysis

  • Clear and simple user interface

Picture shows Injection Molding Manager at Faurecia Innenraumsysteme GmbH

We don't want standard machines, we want the opportunity to continuously expand our business. In the future, technological expertise will be even more decisive for guaranteeing our competitiveness.

Jochen Klos, Injection Molding Manager at Faurecia Innenraumsysteme GmbH, Germany
Picture shows Head of Business Development Technology
Are you looking for solutions for design components for the car interior?

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Together we will find the best solution for your production requirements.

Production of High-quality Plastic Design parts for the Car Interior
  • Door Interior Trim with In-mold Graining

    Film back molding and surface graining in a single work step results in a high-quality interior component with an economical manufacturing process.

  • Demo Part for Film Back Molding

    On a tie-bar-less victory 300 injection molding machine, we produce a demo part that shows the functionality and advantages of film back molding.

  • Light guide with high luminescence

    We have developed a plasticizing process especially for PMMA processing, which reduces the thermal load on the material and ensures airtightness.

  • Foam injection molding of high-quality interior parts

    Lightweight components with high-quality surfaces thanks to ENGEL foammelt technology: ideal for visible components in automotive interiors.

  • Production of automotive interior trim

    Equipped with a demand-oriented range of functions, a PP compound with 30% post-consumer recyclate is processed on a standard machine.

Various Designs for Car Interiors

Application examples of our technologies for automotive interior components

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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