Only those who have a clear view can see new ways. That's why we at ENGEL are always open to new ideas. We welcome inventive thinking in the plastics industry – in the shape of injection moulding technology that gives your imagination free rein.

It's been 25 years since the launch of the revolutionary tie-bar-less design that allows limitless innovation.

ENGEL tie-bar-less. A Story Of Success

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No tie-bars. Maximum scope. The ENGEL tie-bar-less technology improves efficiency and economy in injection moulding production.

Production with machines which are one or two clamping force classes smaller

The mould size, rather than the maximum clamping force, is often the key to optimising machine design. An exact calculation of the required clamping force pays off. The tie-bar-less machine has a smaller footprint and requires less investment costs, particularly with bulky moulds, multiple cavity moulds, non-full-surface moulded parts and multi-colour applications.



Excellent platen parallelism. ENGEL tie-bar-less. The clamping unit