Superbly elastic, virtually indestructible & absolutely free of corrosion: ENGEL enters a new era of metal processing with Liquidmetal Technology. Liquidmetal® alloys are a series of revolutionary amorphous zirconium alloys that allow you to produce premium metallic components using the injection moulding process. As a partner of Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc., USA, we have developed an innovative machine solution for this sensitive process based on our all-electric ENGEL e-motion: Liquidmetal® alloy ingots are first melted in a vacuum by means of induction heating and then injected into a cooled mould. The results: extremely precise metal parts with a perfect, rework-free surface.



  • revolutionary material – amorphous zirconium alloys: extremely tough, high tensile strength and flexibility combined with excellent elastic recovery
  • innovative technology – developed with ENGEL's proven injection moulding expertise for amorphous alloys on the basis of the all-electric ENGEL e-motion 110
  • versatile applications – ENGEL metal injection moulding is ideal for medical, military and aerospace technology, sports equipment, etc.






What machine sizes does ENGEL supply for processing Liquidmetal® alloys?

The all-electric ENGEL e-motion 110


What mould sizes can be used?

The maximum mould size is shown in the attached mould mounting drawing.


What part sizes can be produced?

The maximum shot weight is 100 g (3.5 oz.). Of these, approximately 20 g are required for the sprue, resulting in a maximum part weight of 80 g. For more details, refer to the Liquidmetal® Design Guide.


In what form is the material delivered?

The material is supplied in the form of rods with a defined diameter and length.


How does the injection unit work?

The injection unit was adapted for processing Liquidmetal® alloys: an induction heater first melts the blank and this melt is then injected by a barrel under vacuum into the cooled mould.


Is the ENGEL injection moulding machine fully automated?

Yes, the production cell is equipped with a fully automated material feed and automated part handling.


Which cycle times can I expect?

The cycle times are part-dependent and generally range between 3-5 minutes.


Are licenses required for the production of Liquidmetal® parts?

Yes, to purchase an ENGEL injection moulding machine with the Liquidmetal® process, you will need a license from Liquidmetal® Technologies Inc. For more details, please contact Liquidmetal®.


Does ENGEL also supply moulds?

ENGEL itself does not supply moulds. Liquidmetal® engineers will support you in designing and manufacturing moulds from the prototype to production readiness. Moulds are currently exclusively supplied by licensed Liquidmetal® partners in the USA.


Can ENGEL supply automation?

Yes, ENGEL is your perfect choice of partner for equipping your Liquidmetal® production unit with a complete automation package.


How can I request a quotation?

Please contact us via email or use our contact form. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will be happy to submit a detailed quote for your individual production unit.


Can I see a machine demonstration?

Yes, you can take part in a demonstration of the machine at ENGEL Austria or Liquidmetal® Technologies Inc. in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Please register here for this event, which is subject to approval.


Can Liquidmetal® alloys be used without restrictions?

No, Liquidmetal® Technologies Inc. already has long-term contractual commitments for consumer electronics and watch parts.